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Thoughts: Branding of the Wii console series

Branding of the Wii console series.


It's not news to anyone that Nintendo makes video game consoles. In fact, they are a classic maker of video games and video game consoles. What I'm going to focus on is their most recent video game consoles-the Wii, the WiiU, and the brand new Nintendo Switch. What I've observed is that the advertising of these consoles has gone through a sort of evolution that parallels the maturation of their Wii fan base. 


"We would like to play" invitational, beginning of the Wii series consoles

inside the home, Wii invited into the home

groups of people

TV is the center piece

outsider is brought inside

convergence of culture

master student relationship

new console, one of the first motion sensor gaming consoles

introducing the family unit to this device = nintendo introducing the world to this unit

Wii U

INTRO already in the home

two people/individual shows a shift to the individual


fan culture



room centric with cube imagery

young people are gaming

older people using new features

black exterior different connocation of "sleek" and "cool"  mixed with electronic pop music

"How will you play next" connotes moving forward and innovation/flexibility of console


in house

older audience

on tv

off tv park etc non traditional spaces and non traditional games (i.e. skyrim)

Location is the main focus and not the family unit

global scale

legitimazation of gaming through large events = maturation of console